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Professional Services: Telecommunication & Networks

Benefit from our expertise


TG Group International offers top-quality consulting services. Our consultants have extensive expertise and knowledge that enables us to develop end-to-end solutions and services to help you build up an effective and transparent IT platform or IT infrastructure for your business.

Planning & Design

We plan and design IT platforms and IT infrastructures in accordance with a simple and highly successful top-down principle. That is, we carefully analyse the client's requirements, expectations and goals before we begin with the design and implementation.


We provide clients with a single source for a full range of configuration services – from appliance features and provisioning to hardware and software installation, configuration, proof-of-concept staging and system audits.


Our specialists have combined extensive training and years of experience to help clients define step-to-step implementation plans and documentation. We ensure that all IT solution design concepts, from the simple to the multilayered, work reliably and successfully.


At TG Group International, we believe that a company's workforce is its main source of competitive advantage. The knowledge and expertise of employees are what define the strength and quality of a company. Thus, staff training in various innovative technologies plays a critical role in the execution of business strategy. From "basic" to "advanced” technology training, TG Group International offers a wide range of courses, tailored to the client’s requirements, that help people get the most out of innovative IT infrastructures.

Our training spectrum at a glance:

Our training can be provided on your premises or in our training facilities.


TG Group International offers a "one-stop" leasing programme: You can lease complete IT projects from us – from hardware, software and licensing to project management and system implementation. We simplify and streamline the leasing process to help clients achieve their goals, quickly and cost-effectively.

Contact us for more information on how this program can help your company.